Earning a Spanish Degree Online

Spanish degree online is common, few schools offer fully online associate degrees in Spanish. Courses include beginning to the intermediate Spanish language, English to Spanish translation, and introduction to Latin American civilizations and Hispanic culture.

Students practice, oral comprehension, reading, and writing through vocabulary memorization, lectures, and verb conjugation.


Earning a Spanish Degree Online

A high school diploma or GED is necessary to enroll for an associate’s degree in Spanish. It takes 2 years to complete an associate degree in Spanish. Necessitating a total of 60 credits.

Upon completion, the associate’s degree can be used towards a four-year university degree but otherwise will only serve for limited, entry-level job positions. Those who are already mid-career may look into an associate’s degree in Spanish to shore up skills in the second most frequently spoken language in the world in order to improve their job options.


Spanish Degree Online



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Bachelor Spanish Degree Online

Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish online are also rare and schools that have online courses usually offer hybrid degree programs. Minors in Spanish are very popular for those who wish to study the language in-depth but also want to pursue a different field of study.

This program requires 180 credits and establishing a foundation in the language, literature of Spanish- speaking countries, and culture. Graduates from this field are expected to reach advanced levels of writing proficiency in the Spanish language, speaking and reading the Spanish language.


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Requirements for Spanish Degree Online

Spanish major requirements may include an internship or a study abroad through an approved partner program. To pursue a bachelor’s degree, students need at least a high school diploma or GED.

Also, post-secondary courses taken at vocational schools or community colleges can also be transferred towards a full degree. Bachelor’s degree in Spanish qualifies students for future careers as foreign language teachers, translators, and interpreters of the Spanish language.


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Masters Spanish Degree Online

Online master’s in Spanish allow graduates to pursue an even deeper study of the language through specializations in culture, linguistics, civilization, and literature. Graduate students can also obtain assistantship in which they will be paid or have their tuition covered by assisting in teaching foreign language courses.

Those specializing in linguistics will take courses including research methods, language teaching methods, technical translation and phonetics, and phonology. Classes and readings are usually given in Spanish. This degree is 3 credits and can be completed in a duration, of 2 years.

Students must take a final oral and written exam or complete a master’s thesis project in order to graduate, depending on the school. Master’s degree holders in this field can go on to become teachers at the elementary, postsecondary level, and high school. Many also go on to pursue their doctorate in linguistics or literature.



Online Certificates in Spanish

There are many different kinds of online certificates in Spanish which are according to specialization such as simple language studies, business, and healthcare. These certificates can be earned through series of online courses and are not meant for bilingual students who already speak Spanish.

Spanish language certificates may provide a certified oral proficiency rating from the American council on the teaching of foreign languages through a final examination that will be given. These certificates are mostly acquired by professionals who wish to use Spanish in their workplace or even to socialize or for travel.



Getting Accredited in Spanish Degree Online

When applying and researching for a Spanish degree program online, it is important for students to research the accreditation of the institution they are considering attending.

Accreditation is a voluntary process by which a school is vetted by an external organization that assesses the extent to which the education offered at the school meets national standards. Because there is no programmatic accreditation for Spanish degree programs students should prioritize regional accreditation as also recognized as legitimate, some regionally accredited institutions may choose not to accept credit transfers from nationally accredited schools.

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