Solutions to Problems Faced in Nigerian Education

What are the solutions to problems faced in Nigerian Education? Education In Nigeria is overseen by the Federal Ministry of Education. The local authorities take responsibility for implementing a policy regarding education and most public education. During the British colonial rule and in the early years after Nigeria’s independence, the educational system was topnotch, an educated person was seen as a demigod.

It is quite disheartening to see how the educational system in Nigeria is bisected with myriads of problems. We are going to examine some of the problems of the Nigerian Educational System.


Solutions to Problems Faced in Nigerian Education

Solutions to Problems Faced in Nigerian Education


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Problems Faced in Nigerian Education

One of the problems faced in Nigerian Education is poor funding, lack of suitable Textbooks and learning materials for students and teachers.

In some government-owned schools, textbooks that aid learning are not available, because the government pays little or no attention to education. Often we see picturesque evidence, on social media of students and pupils, sitting on the bare floor or under the tree to receive lessons, because the government has refused to fund the Educational sector in the country.

As a result of inadequate funding, some schools use their students and even pupils as paid labor for cutting grass, weeding in the farms, planting crops, and sweeping the school environments. It is worst when these students are seen even on a Monday morning working on the school farms and nothing is been done by the government to eradicate this inhumanity on the students.

Another point of note is the intermittent Strike Actions of Teachers and Lecturers. When Teachers and lecturers can no longer tolerate the negligence of the government on Education, they resort to strike actions, trying to draw the government attention to them, this affects the students, because oftentimes they are left to their own Wills.

And if a strike action lasts for many months, like the just concluded ASUU Strike, students may find it difficult to remember what they had learned, thereby making them, unproductive. This strike action brings the problem of the inability of teachers and lecturers to exhaust the content of the curriculum, they are expected to teach their students.

The 6-3-3-4 Educational system in Nigeria also poses a problem, the system turns our half bake, students, into the labor market every year. Students who are not really familiar with the course the studied in the university, A final year student while speaking with my source was of the opinion that extending the educational system in Nigeria will help a student to be competent in his or her area of study and thereby reducing the rate of unemployment in the country.

These students who had not really learned enough elementary arts or science subjects, go into the university and they fail, some of them drop out of the university. In addition to these inadequacies in the Nigerian educational system, the system is plagued with numerous social vices such as examination malpractice, cultism, and corruption.

Students pay for their examination to be written for them, as at the end of their study, they can not defend their certificate, which brings mockery on the Educational system. Teachers and lecturers are not helping matters as they help boasts this corruption by accepting bribes to pass poor students.

Education is the bedrock of development of every country, when the Educational system of a country suffers, the rate of unemployment and poverty increases, but when the much-needed attention is given to it, the country witnesses extreme developments.


Solutions to Problems Faced in Nigerian Education

The initial step forward towards restoring the instructive framework lies in the possession of the public authority. Vital advances should be taken to rebuild and save the area. The public authority at all levels requires to focus on the conveying of a serious norm of schooling the nation over and with different nations. Additionally, the correct speculations should be done to get the ideal outcomes.

Satisfactory subsidizing with great administration will give excellent instruction in Nigeria. Assets for the redesign of schools and organization, getting quality preparing offices, research awards, nice instructors’ compensations, and government assistance, and so forth are the things that should be expanded, delivered, and spent properly.

The degree of defilement in training services and administrative bodies should be paid attention to and handled. The degree of test acts of neglect should be checked by a joint exertion of the public authority and assessment administrative bodies. The showing educational plan should be checked on and refreshed. It should be more useful and examination-based. Educator’s pay rates should be investigated and improved.

Reasonable wages will likewise inspire instructors to take care of their work on a great level. Additionally, there ought to be normal installments of instructors’ pay rates. This will pull in qualified and devoted instructors to government-funded schools and will change the disposition of youngsters towards the training calling and youth will concentrate to become educators.

Appropriate preparation of educators with current and state-of-the-art materials and innovation additionally will improve the state of instruction in Nigeria. Important confirming measures ought to be taken to ensure that solitary qualified educators are utilized.

Inductions into tertiary establishments ought to be founded exclusively on the legitimacy level. Taking everything into account, we will actually want to see genuine changes in the degree of schooling in Nigeria, when force will have a place with visionary and magnanimous pioneers who comprehend the significance of value training. Our future is in our grasp.

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