Earning Homeland Security Degree Online

Are you about earning homeland security degree online? You’re at the right as we’ll put you through all you need to know about the homeland security online degree. Associate degree in homeland security prepares students for entry-level jobs in security, criminal justice, and law enforcement. Associate degree holders also go on to pursue advanced undergraduate degrees.


homeland security degree online

Homeland security degree online


Earning Homeland Security Degree Online

An associate degree in homeland security degrees takes 2 years to complete and includes a total of 60 credits with specialized courses in disaster planning, international terrorism, criminology, and bio-security.

Students in this field are provided an introduction to basic domestic and international security through tactical security strategies.

To be qualified for an associate degree in homeland security degrees students must have a high school diploma or GED and can find associate degrees in homeland security at private or public security colleges, schools, and university that offers bachelor’s degrees.


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Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Homeland Security

Online bachelor’s degree in homeland security provides a solid foundation in the safety and security field which includes disaster preparedness and response, critical infrastructure protection, and intelligence sharing and analysis, in order to address concerns ranging from terrorism to natural and man-made disasters.

It takes a duration of 4 years to complete the bachelor’s degree. Applicants need at least a high school degree or GED to apply for a bachelor’s degree in homeland security and must have achieved minimum GPA standards.

Homeland security coursework includes classes on disaster recovery, migration, risk analysis, transportation, security, disaster recovery, and more. Job security upon graduation is very high, with graduates landing careers in government positions, public and private security, and also law enforcement.


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Online Master’s in Homeland Security

After completion of a bachelor’s degree, graduates may consider continuing their education with a master’s degree. It takes a duration of 2 years to complete, with around 30 credit hours and a master’s thesis research project or final examination depending upon the program.

In addition to a minimum GPA and a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree programs generally require a GRE test score and work experience for admission.

Professionals in homeland security, as well as other fields such as technology, insurance, law enforcement, and public health, may be interested in a master’s degree in homeland security to boost their professional profile and seek higher positions of government and administration.

Courses are similar to those offered at the bachelor’s degree level but with greater depth and socialization including public health, cyber-terrorism, geospatial intelligence, and agricultural biosecurity.

Master’s programs in homeland security can be found at graduate schools of public policy or public affairs.


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Online Doctoral Degrees in Homeland Security

Online doctoral degrees in homeland security are ideal for professionals looking to go into the homeland security field as professors, leaders, private and public researchers, consultants, and high-level organization managers. Online doctoral candidates need at least a bachelor’s degree, though many have completed their master’s or a graduate certificate.

In many cases, graduate admissions exam scores are also necessary. It takes about 4 to 7 years to complete a doctoral degree in homeland security, depending on how long students take to complete and defend their thesis dissertations. Coursework typically consists of 60 credits of graduate level.



Online Certificates in Homeland Security

Most programs that offer online master’s degrees also offer certificates in homeland security, which can be eventually be used towards a full graduate degree.

Certificate programs require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. These programs can be completed in around 12 credits with course work covering the origins and organization of the homeland security enterprise, public policies and relevant laws, planning, and strategies related to homeland security, and more.

Certificates are ideal for mid-career professionals in a federal, local emergency, and state emergency, military, and law enforcement, as well as private sector employees such as finance corporations, security consultants, and insurance agencies.



Getting Accreditation in Homeland Security

Seven regional accrediting agencies are responsible for setting quality standards for certificates and degree programs offered by schools. The primary goal of accrediting commissions is to ensure that students get the learning resources they need to build professional skills in their fields of study.

Regional accrediting agencies conduct annual reviews of each institution to ensure that it maintains quality standards on a school-wide and regional basis.

Credentials from a regionally accredited institution can offer an edge in the job market because employers can feel assured that applicants from these schools have excellent academic preparation for current demands in the field.

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